IVSL wraps up second week of play

February 17, 2001|By MARIO RENTERÍA, Staff Writer

The Imperial Valley Soccer League adult division finished its second week of play with two teams remaining undefeated.

Santos and defending champion Boca Juniors are the undefeated teams.

Santos beat Napoles 1-0. Jesus Moreno scored the goal.

Boca Junior beat Morelia 5-1.

Edgar Gonzalez, Jorge Varela and Dennis Acuña all scored one goal for Boca Juniors and Alberto Vega scored two. Mario Trujillo scored Morelia's only goal.

Aguilas lost 5-3 to Real Madrid. German Garcia and Gil Mijares both scored two goals for Real Madrid and Juan Oceguera scored one. Hector Romero, Hernan Fuentes and Tony Contreras all scored one for Aguilas.


Panteras beat Juventus 5-2. Marcos Aguilera, Rigoberto Muñoz, Francisco Cervantes, Jose Valle and Rodolfo Ayala all scored one goal for Panteras. Hector Gamez and Carlos Castillos both scored for Juventus.

Inter F.C. beat Galaxy 6-3. Gabriel Avila scored one for Inter F.C. while Hector Arizmendi scored three and Luis Gutierrez scored two. Raul Duarte scored two for Galaxy and Moises Garcia scored one.

Week three matchups will be Juventus against Aguilas, Napoles against Inter F.C., Morelia against Galaxy, Boca Juniors against Santos and Real Madrid against Panteras.

Santos (2-0-0) and Boca Juniors (2-0-0) are tied for first with six points; Real Madrid (1-0-0), Panteras (1-1-0), Inter F.C. (1-0-0) and Napoles (1-1-0) are tied for second with three points; Juventus (0-1-1) and Morelia (0-1-1) have one point; and Aguilas (0-2-0) and Galaxy (0-2-0) have no points.

The game pending between Real Madrid and Inter F.C. was postponed again with a date for the match to be announced.

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