Probe: February 20, 2001

February 20, 2001

QUESTION: My brother was born in April 1957 at home in Blythe. A midwife, who has since died, delivered him and his birth was never recorded.

He needs a birth certificate. He has a baptismal record. Someday he will need his birth certificate to draw Social Security. — Helpful Sister, Holtville

Tell him to write to the state Office of Vital Statistics in Sacramento. We think there's a way to get a birth certificate at this late date. All you have to do is prove you were born.

If you can't get the birth certificate, you can make do without one. But again, you have to prove you were born.


The two best proofs of birth are the baptismal certificate and an entry in a family Bible.

Collect notarized statements from friends and relatives who remember when your brother was born. Get the statements from aunts, uncles and your parents while they are still alive.

You also can use school records to establish your birth and identity.

A DIFFERENT REFUND POLICY — We have a recreational vehicle park and we would never treat one of our visitors as the Canadian couple was treated.

Our refund policy is different. We will make allowances for a visitor with a problem, especially a medical emergency.

Most of our clientele is up in years and medical emergencies are not uncommon. We take that into consideration. — Rio Bend, West of Seeley

Thank you

A POLICY REVIEW — I didn't say we would not refund the Canadian couple's reservation deposit. I called them in Canada and the wife agrees she should have called me before calling PROBE.

Our corporate office is reviewing our policy to decide if the money should be refunded. — Sunbeam Park manager, Seeley

You told us your policy would not allow the refund and you told us the couple should have canceled 30 days in advance.

You were deaf to the fact that the medical emergency occurred 28 days before March 1.

The Canadian woman did call Sunbeam before she wrote to us. Her letter was based on the resort's refusal to refund her money.

After her husband was released from the hospital, she drove him and the motor home back to Alberta, Canada. It took the 72-year-old wife four days. What a gutsy lady.

She said you called her in Canada but you didn't offer her even a partial refund. You simply told her the policy was being reviewed.

SNOW REPORT — I was born in the Imperial Valley. I remember seeing snow on Mount Signal twice, once in 1971 and again in the early 1980s. The last time the snow lasted almost a week. I have pictures of it capped in snow. — Photographer, Calexico

Green fields, or maybe desert, in the foreground with a snowcapped mountain behind it. That's so California.

BACK TO 1932 — There's a picture in my mother's Central Union High yearbook of snow on the school campus in 1932. — Snow Bunny, El Centro

Will this winter ever end?

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