Our Opinion: Festival still a success

February 21, 2001

It started five years ago to promote nature/agriculture-based tourism in the Imperial Valley and is continuing to accomplish that goal.

The Salton Sea International Bird Festival ended Monday. As in years past, the festival brought people from around the United States and the world together to enjoy the many species of birds found in the Imperial Valley.

We are pleased to see the festival has become a Valley tradition. Local people interested in seeing the Valley prosper by utilizing its resources have put in hours and hours to make the festival a continuing success.

Many of those who took part in tours during the festival over the weekend said they were visiting the Imperial Valley for the first time. Many said they found the Valley beautiful and a perfect location to bird watch. Many said they plan to return on their own throughout the year and other said they will return to the festival next year. Still others were returning after taking part in the festival last year or in years previous to that. They said it is an event to which they look forward.


That is good to hear. What it means is visitors are spending money in our hotels, restaurants, stores and gas stations. It also means they are coming back at least once a year. That is what the bird festival was supposed to accomplish and those who created and have perpetuated the idea deserve much credit. And the positive image the festival has created for the Imperial Valley is incalculable.

We have every reason to believe the bird festival will continue every year and will grow as more bird enthusiasts hear what the Valley has to offer.

It seems there are more people than ever working to bring positive growth to the Valley. There also is more of a united effort. That being the case, there will be plenty of people around to carry on the tradition of the Salton Sea International Bird Festival.

We would urge more time be spent into looking at other ways to promote tourism and attracting winter visitors. We have Cattle Call, we have the fair, we have the sand dunes, but there has to be more that would attract people to the Valley.

It is worth exploring. We are confident the success of the bird festival could be repeated with another relevant event and there are people here who would make sure any such effort would succeed.

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