Voice: Only in Calexico? Not this time, when it involves children

February 21, 2001

"Only in Calexico" means irresponsible, dubious, strictly political decisions that defy explanation. For the past six to seven years new leadership has improved our image and almost completely erased this negative perception.

But! Calexico may be on the verge of committing "the mother of all only in Calexico" debacles.

On Jan. 26 the city Planning Commission discovered an extremely serious flaw in a sub-division map. The developer, with many years of experience, for some inexplicable reason, overlooked basic traffic calculations for an important street.

The developer is pressed for time and has invested a lot of money and effort in this project. You can imagine his frustration.

His project was about to be approved when fate intervened. A traffic engineer happened to be present for another matter and was casually asked his opinion of the map. He immediately pointed out obvious and very serious safety problems.


Now, in the near future before construction begins, is the time to obey the law and eliminate this safety hazard.

The Planning Commission is mandated to provided good, safe street planning. The developer was given two weeks to solve the problem.

Guess what the developer proposed? Prepare yourselves. His solution: On the sale of each home, buyers must sign a disclaimer acknowledging they are aware of this life-threatening situation for their children.

Stupid, unacceptable anywhere in the world. However, there is a definite possibility that expediency and politics will be introduced into this equation.

Calexico must reject any solution except a safe one. It's a no-brainer. We must not flinch in our resolve to protect the safety of our children.

"Only in Calexico." Not this time.



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