Voice: Perfect words of Christ being twisted to attack homosexuals

March 01, 2001

The hypocrisies of today's church astound me. I'm not talking about evolution versus creationism, rather, I'm speaking of the actual beliefs the Catholic Church promotes.

I'm referring specifically to St. Mary's parish and the ludicrous thoughts preached by its priest Saturday. During the homily, he told the people to ban all products made by Disney, Ford and Proctor & Gamble.

"Why?" you may ask. The reasoning he gave was simple, yet absurd. He said we need to ban these products because they promote television with "homosexual content."

I quote, "We need to take a stand against gay and lesbian couples who only care about sexual gratification." He then stated that we needed to write letters to these sinister corporations voicing our discontent.


That is exactly what I am doing today. I hope others will read this letter and realize what people are doing to the good and pure word that Christ intended for them to preach.

We have taken his immortal and perfect words of love and compassion and through our mortal and sinful mouths, turned them into words of hate and prejudice. Man is single-handedly destroying the purpose of Christ dying on the cross for us.

Religion is using the Bible as justification for it's selfish feelings of hate and malice and I'm sick of it! I'm tired of hearing hypocrites who claim to be working for God telling people that homosexuality is wrong. This isn't just the Catholic Church. I have been in attendance at Calvary Chapel and witnessed gay-bashing during youth group!

Answer me this: Does Jesus ever say homosexuality is wrong? As a matter of fact, does he ever even mention it? No, he doesn't!

Denying two people who truly love each other the right to marriage is simply wrong. It is an atrocity that we have been putting up with for too long. First man used the Bible to hold down women. Then we used it to keep blacks as slaves. Now we are using it to deny homosexuals their God-given rights.

When will man realize that once again, they are wrong. I think those hypocrites need to ask themselves the question they impose upon everyone else: "What would Jesus do."


El Centro

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