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Voice: Green card worker law needed

March 02, 2001

To the president, members of Congress and others:

I hold that (1) the "project with Mexico to establish new labor law" and (2) the "illegal alien problem and the proposal for amnesty" are and should be dealt with as separate issues.

I support the pursuance of new labor law. I oppose the amnesty of illegal aliens. The Aztlan movement benefits from amnesty. There are employers who benefit from having illegal labor. And I suspect that both political forces may push for amnesty to be prerequisite to any pursuance of new labor law.

I request the issue of a new labor law precede and be unencumbered by the matter of amnesty.

My definition of the "U.S. workforce" is legally immigrated and citizen workers. And I propose that their status be evidenced by them having a valid Social Security card.


For purposes of discussion, I am calling the immigrant workforce under new labor law "green card workers." My support for new labor law is based on the new green card workers not displacing the U.S. workforce.

Based on that, I propose that effective implementation can be achieved by:

(1) The green cards and Social Security cards being as tamper-proof as possible.

(2) The employer having the responsibility to look at and validate these cards (electronically) and not hire anyone who does not have a valid card.

Conversely, government, and not the employer, shall be responsible for the design of the cards and the effectiveness of the electronic validation process.

Companion to enacting new green card worker law is the need to establish their legal rights to human/social services. (It should not be left to the courts).


El Centro

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