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Letter: Thumbs down for Brawley Little League

March 03, 2001

Has anyone really taken a look at Brawley Little League to see what's going on?

I never knew that when you tried out for Little League it would be so hard to actually make it in the majors. With all the compadre and neighbor rules that are going on, so many kids are not even being able to make it on a team because each coach, or should I say most coaches, already know who they want on the team a couple months before the season even starts.

I have heard of such rules as the father-son rule or even the brother-brother rule, which makes it fair that when your son or brother is playing baseball you want to coach or you want to be on your brother's team. That's OK, but the problem comes when one coach wants his compadre son or his neighbor's son on the team and some of the kids trying out for baseball don't even get a chance to be on a team since the teams are already being pre-picked.


Also, how can it be fair that just because one team was cut it affected 11-year-olds who tried out for the majors and were brought back down to the minors (where these 11-year-olds have been for two years already) because there was no more room?

So what happens to these 11-year-olds next year? Will they even be able to try out since they would be 12 and most 12-year-olds already know what team they will be on next year. Do you call that fair?

I was told that last year some 300-plus kids signed up and this year we are down to 200-plus kids! So what's going on? Is it that $25 is too much to pay or is it the fact these kids can't even get a fair chance at a team in the majors since they are pre-picked?

Maybe more parents of these 11- and 12-year-olds ought to look into this situation. As a parent, all our kids are all-stars in our eyes.



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