Voice: IID Director Lloyd Allen's vote lacks research

March 03, 2001

The recent approval of the lifesaving cables came about because there are a lot of good people in Imperial County.

I feel very honored to have been a member of the committee for lifesaving cables across the All-American Canal.

There also are a few old-fashioned idealists who put their idealistic beliefs above an innocent human life. Imperial Irrigation District Director Lloyd Allen was probably influenced by such people.

Lloyd Allen has been around a long, long time. He is probably very tired by now because he just sits on the board without saying very much that matters. A past board member was the same way in his last days and now his name honors the IID auditorium. Does the IID have anymore buildings to be honored by a past board member?

His vote against saving human lives is seen by many as a vote with no research; an assumption vote that doesn't make sense. Has he ever dealt with the coyotes, polleros, undocumented? Has he interviewed them to learn their thinking? Has he ever swum the All-American Canal, the Highline Canal, the Coachella Canal?


There is a sanctuary in Mexicali of kids who were returned back to Mexico by the U.S. Border Patrol. I can take Lloyd Allen there and he can learn exactly how these kids think. I will go with Lloyd to the All-American Canal and at my age I will swim twice across to prove how easy it is to cross if you know how to swim and that the main thing is not to panic. I suspect strongly that the victims drowned because they panicked or didn't know how to swim.

Has Lloyd seen all the abandoned rafts and inner tubes in the All-American Canal? Ropes or no ropes, they have been coming across and continue to do so. I doubt there will be an increase with the ropes. I have talked to some of these kids and their thinking tells me the ropes will not change anything, except to save lives.

There are from 5 to 10 million employers in the USA who hire these kids. Can you imagine what would happen to the economy, the harvests, if they are completely stopped?


El Centro

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