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Voice: Those dying by crossing illegally not being murdered

March 05, 2001

Mr. Rubio's delusional association of unlucky people who accidentally drown themselves trying to illegally cross the All- American Canal, with the victims of Nazi concentration camps in a phantasmagoric setting of "sharpshooter towers" serves to remind me there are still some people in the world who deny themselves the benefit of Prozac.

None of the illegal crossers who has drowned in the canal or who has died from exposure in the desert has been the victim of murder, let alone government-orchestrated execution, to the best of my knowledge. Their deaths have been described as accidental by the responsible investigating authority.

I assume that means the corpses did not exhibit evidence of gunshot wounds to the back of the head, strangulation with piano wire, or Zeclon B poisoning, to name a few trademark symptoms of Nazi terror. So what is the connection, in thought or action, between random, accidental deaths caused by nature and the deliberate, calculated murder of "Jews, gypsies and other undesirables" in Nazi Germany at a time when people were risking their lives to get out of that country not into it? Bob Dylan knows, "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind."


But there is a valid comparison to be made as to how the Third Reich came into being and why we are moving inexorably toward lifelines across the All-American Canal, even though they would be detrimental to the nation's interest. In both cases a conscious decision was made to pursue a policy of appeasement rather then commit to a staunch defense of principle.

If our elected officials consummate the compromise they have tentatively agreed to, where will the next appeasement line be drawn or, more to the point, where will the emoting "men of action" allow it to be drawn?

Take note of Mr. Rubio's sentiments: "I don't believe anyone should die crossing our border." Does that include Nazis?



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