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Voice: Keeping us up to date with IVC president's travel

March 06, 2001

This short letter is written just to bring you up to date with doings of the Imperial Valley College president-superintendent.

IVC used to belong to a border consortium of colleges, starting in Brownsville, Texas, continuing westward along the Mexican border to include schools in Laredo, El Paso, Cochise, Yuma, IVC and, if I remember correctly, Southwestern in the San Diego area. That group worked on border problems like public health, for example, and programs were initiated and developed to train people in chosen fields.

IVC now belongs to a consortium that includes schools in Canada and the interior of Mexico. What we have in common eludes me, but the consortium is supposed to promote education (of course) and jobs. In June 1997 our president attended a meeting in Alberta, Canada. In June 1998 he went to British Columbia. The following year it was San Diego (could be worthwhile). In July 1999 the state of Tabasco, Mexico, was chosen. For your information it lies between the states of Campeche and Chiapas in far southern Mexico. (What we have in common with them is anybody's guess.)


In February 2000 it was San Antonio (not on the border, but close.) Most recently, just last week, Saltillo in central Mexico was chosen. I don't know if he has returned, yet, from there.

All these junkets are paid for by you, the taxpayers, through the auspices of IVC with the approval of the Board of Trustees. These junkets cost big, big bucks! What is accomplished is anyone's guess. Perhaps a few chosen people know. Spending taxpayer money on himself is easy for the president-superintendent.

Meanwhile, Professor Harold Richwine has not been reimbursed his $81 for college-authorized travel for educational purposes to San Diego last September. Our college Board of Trustees has strange priorities. Perhaps, Professor Richwine should consider taking the Board of Trustees to small-claims court.


El Centro

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