March 6, 2001 PROBE

March 06, 2001

QUESTION: After midnight, every night, there is a big noise coming from Southwest Market in Brawley. It sounds like a giant vacuum cleaner. It interrupts my sleep. Can you find out what it is? — Sleepless, Brawley

Store manager Tommy Palomino said the noise must be coming from the water tower on top of the store. But the tower works all day in conjunction with the store's air conditioning.

Palomino promised to investigate further.

"It sounded like a vacuum cleaner? Oh, I know what it is," said Palomino. "It's the propane-powered floor-buffing machine. It's so loud, we don't use it until we close the store at midnight."

Mystery solved.

A few minutes later, Palomino called, "I talked to (so and so). He says you can't hear the buffer outside. The noise probably comes from the machine they use to clean up the parking lot.


"It sounds like a big vacuum cleaner because that's what it is. After the store closes, and the cars leave, they bring the machine in to vacuum the parking lot."

Now that you know what's causing the noise, it probably won't bother you at all.

LIGHT'S OUT — On North Rio Vista Drive in Brawley, the street lights are out at the intersections of A and West Adler streets.

The light poles are down. It sure is dark in this neighborhood. The residents fear this is an open invitation for break-ins and vandalism.

I don't know who is responsible for this. But when are they going to do something? — Unlighted, Brawley

As soon as you start the ball rolling by calling Brawley Public Works at 344-5800, extension 10.

You call the city, the city calls Imperial Irrigation District, IID raises the poles, hooks up the lights and sends the city a bill. And the light shines again on North Rio Vista Drive.

You may not have to do this. City manager Jerry Santillan promised to drive out to your neighborhood to look at your downed light poles.

QUESTION: I have had my little Shih Tzu for eight years. She is so afraid of loud noises that I give her a sedative on July 4 and New Year's Eve, when firecrackers might frighten her.

Somehow our gate was left open and when we had the thunderstorm my little dog ran away.

Last Tuesday, I got a call at work from a woman who said she thought she had my dog. She gave me her first name and her address.

She told me she had to go to school to pick up her child. I arranged to meet her at the school to pick up my dog.

I sent a note to her but I would like to do more. On Sunday, I went out to find her but I must have gotten the address wrong because I couldn't find her house.

Could you ask Angelica to call Jean at 344-7753? I want to thank her properly. I don't know what I would do without my little Shih Tzu. She's my kid. — Grateful, Brawley

Everytime, we struggle to write (or heaven forbid, say that name) we think whoever designated that breed of dog must have had a sense of humor.

Having said that, Angelica, call Jean so she can thank you again.

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