March 7, 2001 PROBE

March 07, 2001

QUESTION: I live in the Calexico Mobile Home Park. Recently the manager sent a flyer to everybody. The flyer said "due to a large visit by the police and the Border Patrol," he had been instructed to get "identification" from tenants and anybody living in their units.

He asked us to bring picture identification and our legal resident cards. Is that legal? I am a U.S. citizen so I don't have a legal resident card. — Legal, Calexico

We don't think it's legal. Spokesmen for the Border Patrol and the Calexico Police Department deny they directed or even asked the mobile home park to document the legal residency status of its tenants.

Steve Martinez, assistant Border Patrol agent supervisor, said, "We would never do that."

Calexico Police Cmdr. Mario Sanchez agreed, saying, "We wouldn't do that."

Park manager George Gonzalez said the park owners directed him to complete the tenants' files.


In that case, he should negotiate with the tenants without raising the specter of the cops and the dreaded Border Patrol.

QUESTION: I am looking for an article that I think ran in your newspaper in May 1959.

We were participating in a CIF track and field meet in the San Diego area.

In the article, specific reference is made to Doyle Brewer leading the field for the first lap in the mile … I would love to have a copy of this. — CUHS Class of 1960, El Centro

You are welcome to come down and look through our microfilm, but we don't have the equipment necessary to make a copy for you.

You didn't tell us how to reach you but maybe one of our readers will have a copy in a scrapbook. If anybody would like to share the article, let us know and we will get word to Martin Leyland Napier. Or if you know him, give him a call.

QUESTION: In my childhood, you could hear church bells ringing all over the Valley. We don't hear them anymore. Some people say that's because some negative people objected.

I think we have lost a lot by silencing the bells. Why don't they ring the church bells anymore? — Miss the Bells, Brawley

Because some people don't want to be awakened on Sunday mornings by the clanging of bells.

There's nothing worse than hearing church bells on Sunday morning after being kept awake all night by your neighbor's loud party!

QUESTION: You've written about the early history of El Centro, Holtville, Brawley, Calexico, even Westmorland, but you've never mentioned Seeley. Who started Seeley? — Curious, Seeley

There were high hopes for Seeley, but it never lived up to its promise. The first settlement in the Valley, Silsbee, started near the present site of Seeley.

Located on the shores of Blue Lake, it had to be evacuated after the flooding caused by the 1906 Colorado River outbreak.

In its 1911 reincarnation, it was renamed after an early settler, Henry Seeley.

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