Voice: Don't support CARP! or Kofford's fight against rainbows

March 07, 2001

In response to a column by Bret Kofford in "Life Out Here" called "Fighting Rainbows," at first I thought this was a joke, but as I continued to read I could not believe what I was reading.

First of all, God did indeed create rainbows. (Genesis 9:13-17)

Second, it's the colors of the rainbow (not the rainbow itself!) that represent gay people.

It's people like you and CRAP! (I mean CARP!) that promote hatred, violence and discrimination. To tell people not to look at a rainbow is so absurd. I promise it won't "make" or "turn" you gay!

Homosexuality, in my opinion, is not a choice (at least by most!) Who in their right minds would choose to be gay!

It's articles like these that give gays a bad name.

There is good and bad in all races and sexual preferences.

Not all gays are perverts and bad people. And to go to the extremes in saying to people not wear or look at the colors in the rainbow is practically impossible, not to mention just plain stupid!


Don't you all have better things to do in life then to discriminate against gays? I would surely hope so!

The rainbow is a beautiful thing God created, so keep on looking at them and don't be scared of the colors. They too are beautiful. Just think of everyone wearing only black, brown and gray. What a dull and gloomy place it would be!

Colors are just that (colors!). They don't make you who you are!

So instead of sending a really large check to CRAP! (I mean CARP!) send one to your church or favorite charity. I know I will, that's for sure!


El Centro

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