March 8, 2001 PROBE

March 08, 2001

QUESTION: In February 2000 I bought a "quad" (an all-terrain vehicle) from Imperial Valley Cycle Center in El Centro and paid $495 for a five-year warranty.

In November of the same year I wrote to Aon Warranty to cancel the warranty agreement as it stated on the purchase agreement.

The warranty company replied it received my cancellation Nov. 28 but advised me to go directly to the dealership for my refund.

In December I asked I.V. Cycle for my refund and the nightmare began. I have had nothing but a run-around for three months.


I want to go to small claims court but I need help getting the owner's name. — Stymied, Imperial

This was one of those problems we had all but given up on. It was well after 5 p.m. when we listened to our voice mail and a message from the cycle center.

A spokeswoman said she had been searching files with no luck to find the customer we had described.

We'll get back to the cycle center today to give it your name and address. It's possible there could be a resolution to your problem.

We have less hope for the next problem …

SUNBEAM LAKE DEPOSIT UPDATE — After you put our story in PROBE, the manager of the Sunbeam Lake RV Park Resort called me in Canada. She said the Sunbeam corporation was reviewing its refund policy. I guess it's still reviewing because we have heard nothing further. — Winter Visitor, Alberta, Canada

Don't include the potential "refund" in your budget because it looks like you are not getting the money back.

QUESTION: I need help. Imperial Irrigation District gave me an extension until Wednesday to pay my $65 electric bill. All I have is $40.

I was sick and my check was short last week. I told IID I couldn't pay until payday, Friday, but they wouldn't extend it past Wednesday. Please help me. — Busted, Brawley

IID agreed to give you until Friday but you have to pay both bills, a total of $81. If you can't pay the full amount, call to negotiate another deal.

OUT IN PLASTER CITY — The "old-timers" are a welcome addition to the discussion of the history of this wonderful Valley. However, you must remember their memories are not what they used to be.

True, there was no garage in Plaster City in the 1930s but there was Al's Place, a nice little cafe where everybody stopped before making the long drive to Ocotillo, Miller's Garage or Chuckie's Cafe or into Seeley or El Centro.

I have attached a 1925 picture to document the existence of Al's Place in Plaster City.

Your "old-timers" may want a copy of Billie Bernal's book "Ocotillo, A Place in the Sun." It's a book on the history of the area west of Seeley. You can get it at Gordo's Grill or the Desert Fuel Stop (Union 76 Station), both in Ocotillo for about $6. — Enjoy, Ocotillo

We didn't say there was nothing in Plaster City. We said there wasn't much out there. We stand by that.

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