March 9, 2001 PROBE

March 09, 2001

QUESTION: Before I was born my mother was left a widow with six children. I grew up believing I was the child of my mother's husband.

My mother was already suffering the onset of Alzheimer's disease when my "sister" told me my siblings and I had different fathers.

I went to my mother, who either couldn't or wouldn't tell me about the circumstances of my birth. When I pressed too hard, she told me it was none of my business.

I began a search for my father and his family. I found his grave in Laverne, Okla. Buried next to him was his mother, my grandmother, who died in 1946. From my grandmother's obituary, I learned that at the time of her death, she was survived by a son, my father, Owen Van Akin, and a daughter, Florence May Van Akin Pollard of Brawley.


I doubt Florence would still be alive, but she had three children, my cousins. I believe Florence was a nurse.

What hurts is that I lived in Oklahoma City from 1964 to 1966, less than 200 miles from my dad. He died in 1967.

I was in Brawley two weeks ago. A woman told me to write to PROBE. She said PROBE is good at finding people. — Searcher, Fontana, Ca.

Let's give credit where credit is due. PROBE readers can find anything or anybody. We've found a lot of lost relatives.

OK, PROBE readers, if you know or knew Florence Van Akin Pollard or her children, write to Vanett Van Akin Palmer, 16325 El Molino Court, Fontana, CA, 92335 or call (909) 823-8743. You can call collect, Palmer said.

EXTENDED WARRANTY REFUND — After you called us, we found what we believed to be the file of the man seeking a refund on his extended warranty.

We called the warranty company. It has the record of his warranty cancellation but it has not done the processing to give us a credit so we can refund the cash to our customer.

As soon as we get it, we will call him or mail him the check.

This is not our fault. We are anxious to resolve the matter. — IV Cycle Center, El Centro

Thank you. By the way, the owner of the cycle center is Martin Coyne.

QUESTION: Why doesn't Mama's Place change its sign? The sign promoting the Super Bowl stayed up until it was almost Valentine's Day. Now a month after Valentine's Day, the Valentine sign is still up.

The Imperial restaurant could have changed the sign to say, "Welcome fair-goers!" When will Mama update her sign? — Bored, Imperial

We couldn't reach Mama but a new sign in observance of St. Patrick's Day (March 17) would be nice. That could stay up until Easter or even Mother's Day.

A restaurant employee pointed out that it's been raining. That might have delayed sign updates, she said.

SHE'S GONE AGAIN — Rosie is gone again. When I tuned in the other night, I got "The Simpsons" instead of "The Rosie O'Donnell Show." Does anybody know what happened to Rosie? — Ring-a-Ding, El Centro

OK, readers, if you see Rosie, let us know so everybody can see her, too.

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