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Voice: Time to target the bullies and and their ‘disabilities'

March 13, 2001

Here we go again. A young male, picked on by others in school, takes a gun to school to get "even" with those who took exception to his type of diversity.

Maybe the "bullies" should be thrown out of school? Nope, can't do that, because they have social disabilities, have rights and must be kept in school. Maybe the victims of the "bullies" should be thrown out of school? Nope, can't do that because that would empower the "bullies," segregate the "bullies'" victims and cause the victims to feel bad about themselves.

Drugs: let's put all the school kids on drugs and they won't even know what's going on in their lives, never mind whose doing what to whom. This must be the answer. You can't remove the "bullies," for being disabled, they have rights. You can't segregate the potential victims of the "bullies," for it would increase the disabilities of the "bullies." Like one of the students said when interviewed, "everyone gets picked on."


Don't feel bad, California. Recently a 13-year-old male, at 1 a.m. tried to rob some folks coming out of a restaurant next door in the city of Brockton. He was caught. He had a revolver with the serial numbers removed.

According to my calculations, he should receive about 15 years in a federal penitentiary. Ooops, never mind, he was a bully at school and has a disability and is not responsible for his actions.

No, I don't know if he was a bully and is disabled, but one must guess what his defense will be …

Have we reached Utopia yet? God knows we've passed so many laws controlling the actions of lawful citizens, yet they don't seem to have any effect on bullies and criminals. We must need more laws … and more drugs, too!


Stoughton, Mass.

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