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Voice: True Christians should be working with gays to overcome their desires

March 14, 2001

Dominic Signorotti is a bright young man; he is on the winning team of mock trial this year.

He wrote an excellent letter and I don't want to discourage him from continuing to express himself. He was right when he was offended by those who were bashing gays. Everyone on this Earth are children of the same God. God loves all of His children and we are commanded to do the same.

However, I will point out even though God loves the sinner, God does not love sin, and God considers homosexuality a sin.

I found 17 references to homosexuality in the Scriptures and they all condemn the sin of homosexuality. I am sure Dominic has heard the story of Sodom and how God destroyed the entire area because men lusted after men and they would not repent. They loved their sexual pleasure more than they loved their God.


Dominic says Jesus never addressed homosexuality. The things that are written in the Scriptures that Jesus did address are very limited. I can guarantee Dominic that Jesus addressed a lot of things that never got recorded. It is not recorded that Jesus ever addressed the use of drugs, but I can assure you he would not want you to use them.

One of the greatest gifts God gave us, next to life itself, is the freedom to direct that life and make our own decisions. He called it "agency." We can decide our own fates and if we make bad decisions we will pay the price. If you decide to stick your finger in a fire you are going to get burnt, but God is not going to stop you. You have that power. God will not force man to be good or to do right. God uses love. Force is of Satan.

Dominic is right that those individuals should not be bashing gays. If they are truly Christians they should be helping gays to overcome their desires for those of the same sex.

Marriage is ordained of God. God's first commandment to Adam and Eve (a man and a woman) was to multiply and replenish the earth. Two men cannot do this. And, Dominic is right again, when you do not live the laws of God you are making a mockery of those laws.

You destroy the very purpose of Christ dying on the cross.


El Centro

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