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Voice: Bible was written by man, in all his imperfections

March 17, 2001

God in all his glory never signed off on the Bible, the Old and/or New Testament. Man, in all his imperfections, is responsible for this literary masterpiece so confusing.

Don't denigrate Dominic Signorotti and/or patronize him. Encourage him. Why? Youths of his intellect and character will carry the future, whether you like it or not.

The Vatican, all the cardinals, their intelligence are confronted with a crisis in generating adequate moneys to accommodate the homosexual priest, lesbian nuns, and pay off all the litigation worldwide. This, not taking into account all the alcoholic rehabilitation facilities they maintain.

Look within yourself and in the mirror. Talk to God, as you know God to be. This may be a resolution, maybe:


I am a 78-year-old man, ready to meet God. I was raised in a Catholic environment until I dared question it. At that point I was ostracized to less desirable surroundings. Why? For having the audacity to question a mother who prostituted Catholicism.

Go with God.


El Centro

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