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Voice: Slick Willie not so slick in sliding by pardons

March 17, 2001

Drug trafficker Carlos Vignali was apprehended while moving 800 pounds of cocaine. 800 pounds of cocaine! Yet — Clinton set him free?

Why? Please, Mr. Clinton. Tell us the merits of this individual that so impressed you to turn him back loose again on society.

How many tortured minds and bodies can be manufactured with 800 pounds of cocaine, Mr. Clinton? How much misery and horror and heartbreak can 800 pounds of cocaine provide for addicts, and their families, and the people who become victims when the addicts need money for a fix?

Then we have the pardoning of wealthy Marc Rich, a jerk who made himself hundreds and hundreds of millions of illicit dollars in shady dealings with our countries' enemies. He traded with Cuba, with Iraq, with Libya, with North Korea and Iran.


The trading with Iran distresses me most of all. Iran, who paraded helpless American captives around, shackled and blindfolded. I call that outright treason, but anything to make money, huh, Marc?

So, Mr. Clinton — what was this person's merits for a pardon?

In Arkansas the press dubbed Clinton with the moniker ‘Slick Willie.' He always seemed to be able to wiggle out of anything. Well, Slick, you're not looking too slick anymore to the people.



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