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Voice: Hard work only goes to pay taxes

March 17, 2001

What has happened to my country? Forty years ago there was an adage that "crime doesn't pay." We were taught this by parents, teachers and clergy. Even in the movies the bad guy always got caught.

It certainly doesn't ring true today. Why has our country become so corrupt? There are many causes but the most corruptive influence is taxes.

We are running about the same tax rate now as during World War II when we had several million men scattered around the world. That FBI agent who gave information to the Russians did it for money. What if he had been allowed to keep the money he earned? FBI agents make good money but if he could have kept the 40 percent the government took maybe he wouldn't have sold out.

We have seen over the last 10 years how Michael Milken and now Marc Rich, both multi-billionaires, get pardons. They stole billions from common people via commodity trades (like the one that paid $100,000 to Hillary Clinton for a $1,000 investment) and stock scams.


Crime pays big. Look at all the politicians who end up millionaires. When a swindle is being brewed, often one is allowed to participate. Just a little incentive to "do it right" when they vote. They often vote to give tax breaks to corporations and let us peons pay more than our fair share.

When the income tax was passed it was only for federal employees and corporations. A corporation is a legal entity much like a person but a person has a cost of living a corporation does not have. We should have a $40,000 tax deduction instead of $2,000. We have to feed, clothe and educate our children so they can grow up and become peons who pay high taxes so corporations don't have to pay.

Taxes destroy families. What is the most common argument between spouses? Money! If repeated disagreements lead to a split in a family, the children become a casualty of taxes. What if dad had a 30 percent increase in pay. If he could keep all of that, he could quit the second job or his wife could stay home and keep track of the kids to make sure they studied and did not take drugs. This could drive down teen-age violence and crime. It's a fact that the more money a family has, along with an intact family, reduces teen-age problems.

When an inner-city kid sees a drug dealer driving a Mercedes, he knows the chances of having fine things from hard work and saving are impossible He knows by age 12 the facts of life regarding hard work and the things that used to go with them. "A penny saved, is a penny earned" is now "a penny save is a penny inflated."

We had a solid dollar until LBJ had three wars going at once: the war on poverty, a war on gold and the Vietnam War.

The most devious tax is inflation because it destroys what you save. After owning a house for 40 years the value goes from $6,000 to $80,000 and you get to pay taxes on the difference.

Is it possible people turn to crime to maintain what they have worked so hard to get?

You cannot get rich from hard work and scrimping anymore. The only way is to sue a doctor, hit the lotto or sell illegal drugs. A sign of a bad economy is when an honest, hard-working person brings a load of drugs from Mexico. Looks like we have had a bad economy for a long time.


El Centro

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