Voice: Blow up the TV, the popular music and many movies?

March 17, 2001

Our society has forced our children to watch many hours of television every day since they were born. The TV is a convenient baby-sitter. Through the TV parents can get the kids out of their hair. Parents submit the raising of their kids to the TV. They don't want the responsibility of raising children. They don't want their children to get in the way of them doing "their thing."

So, by the time a kid is in high school he has witnessed an unheard amount of violence.

He has witnessed so many thousands of murders he takes it for granted that people kill others every day. He has watched so many millions of people vent their anger on others he considers it a normal way of life. He has been bombarded with so many sitcoms that flaunt disrespect for parents and anyone else of authority he no longer responds to anyone of authority. He has lost the ability to separate fact from fiction.


He is allowed to go to the theater and see movies his parents shouldn't be watching. He is allowed to listen to what he calls music, performed by people who call women whores, cops are pigs, and parents are the scum of the earth. Their idols are jerks like one who was dignified with an award for his performance recently where within the album in which he received the award he does a number entitled "I don't give a f—-."

Their heroes have become sports figures or rock stars who flaunt the fact that they have laid over 300 women in the last year and regularly get arrested for drug abuse.

Then when one of them shoots up the school and kills a couple of people, leaving hundreds afraid to even go to school, we have the nerve to ask, "What happened?" Through his parents' permissiveness he has been programed to do just what he did. And what are we going to do about it? Unfortunately, we are going to put Band-Aids on the problem and keep on training our youth to do the same thing again.

We had better start being real parents and supervising our children, that is, if we really care. John Denver had the answer which he sang in one of his songs, "Blow up the TV!"

From one who does care.


El Centro

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