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Voice: Support workplace breastfeeding facilities

March 19, 2001

Your newspaper carried an article recently on new legislation being introduced by Assemblyman Dario Frommer. This legislation would require employers to provide a place and unpaid time for nursing mothers to pump breast milk at work.

As a lactation consultant in the Imperial Valley, every day I encounter mothers who will be unable to return to work because they are giving their infants the best nutrition, breast milk. Other mothers who must work find that they are unable to keep up an adequate milk supply because they are not able to pump during the day.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has advocated our infants being breastfed for, at least, the first year of their lives. Because of the wonderful benefits to the baby, fewer respiratory infections, fewer gastrointestinal problems, fewer admissions to the hospital, and also benefits to the employer, an employee who is at work, not home with a sick infant, a happy, relaxed employee who is not concerned about her baby's health and who feels fulfilled in her role as mother, our community should actively support this legislation.


Please write, e-mail or phone your assemblyman, Dave Kelley, your state senator, Jim Battin, and let them know your views. Our largest local employers, the state prisons and Imperial Irrigation District, should start the ball rolling by providing space and time for nursing mothers.

In an age when children shoot one another and feel terribly alienated, we need more ways to nurture them psychologically and the vital touch that breastfeeding provides is the most natural way to provide feelings of being loved and secure.


Registered nurse/lactation consultant


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