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Symposium features family therapist, state attorney general


March 19, 2001|By LAURA MACKENZIE, Staff Writer

Author Robin Karr-Morse and state Attorney General Bill Lockyer will be the featured speakers at the "Safe From The Start" symposium Thursday at the Barbara Worth Golf Resort near Holtville.

Karr-Morse is a family therapist and co-author of the book "Ghosts From the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence." She will discuss the latest research on the impact of violence in developing children.

Lockyer will discuss the state's vision to provide a more comprehensive approach to preventing violence in families. He will present information on the state's approach to working with parents to prevent violent behavior in youth.

The "Safe From The Start" symposium is coordinated by the Interagency Steering Committee, made up of members from various local service agencies.


The Interagency Steering Committee consists of "top level leaders trying to work together to address these problems," said Rita Brogan, the county Office of Education student well-being and family resources director.

Members of the Interagency Steering Committee include those from the Office of Education, the county Sheriff's Office and county Behavioral Health Services.

Recent projects in which the committee has been involved are the Safe Futures and Healthy Start programs.

"It's a collaborative working between agencies for the good of the cause, which is a safer community," said Mike Kelley, county chief probation officer.

Kelley said the steering committee is working on finding funding to continue the Safe Futures program when the grant runs out this year.

Kelley stated the latest project the committee is working on is the "Schiff-Cardenas Crime Prevention Act of 2000, AB1913."

The Crime Prevention Act would involve many agencies working on a "juvenile and justice council plan" that would provide a probation officer on all campuses. It also would fund police activities league programs and expand the peer court program, which was started under the Safe Futures program.

The plan is being submitted to the Board of Supervisors for final authorization.

A panel of Interagency Steering Committee members will be presenting their goals and answering questions Thursday after the morning sessions with the attorney general and Karr-Morse.

The "Safe From The Start" symposium is available only for those who register. The cost is $15. The registration deadline is Tuesday.

To register call 312-6498.

Staff Writer Laura MacKenzie can be reached at 337-3442.

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