Voice: E.C. elementary board not really negotiating

March 20, 2001

Let me begin my letter by stating that my children are grown and are not students of the El Centro Elementary School District.

My concern lies as a taxpayer and citizen of the city of El Centro. I feel that a governing board representing the public's interest as a whole should be a group that has the same makeup of the population of the community, which they represent.

I feel that the board's interest is not one that represents that of the general public, as they have failed to come to terms with our teachers in their contract negotiations. They continue to publish statements saying they hope an agreement can be made, but make no effort behind closed doors to offer a deal that is comparable to others in the state.

I also wonder if the board is what is holding up the entire process, or could it be the persistence of the school's administration to manipulate this deal to their best advantage and not to that of the children and teachers of this community?


I also wonder how much of my tax money is being made by the district's attorney to keep the teachers at bay.

These are things that as taxpayers we must inform ourselves and stop waiting for someone else to get this job done. The political careers of this board are on a downward spin, as I for one will never vote for any of these individuals again.

Giving our teachers a better package only ensures that we as a community will benefit, as this will keep and attract highly qualified teachers to our schools, thus making the El Centro Elementary School District the best district in Southern California I believe that is in our best interest.


El Centro

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