PROBE: March 21, 2001

March 21, 2001

QUESTION: The Imperial County Transit bus passes Imperial Oasis, a senior housing facility on Main Street in Brawley, but there's no bus stop. The bus stops a few blocks to the east.

Oasis residents, mostly fragile, must take a taxi to the bus stop. Most are on limited incomes. Who do I see to get a bus stop? — Senior, Brawley

You could talk to Kathy Williams, a county analyst who deals with county transportation problems.

She says she grappled with the bus stop situation earlier. The trouble is Main Street is state Highway 86. The California Department of Transportation and the city decided the traffic volume is too heavy, too fast and too dangerous in front of the Imperial Oasis for a bus stop, Williams said.

Don't give up. There is a solution for you.

Call Aim Transit at 337-8002. Aim schedules its route with the county transit bus. It picks up riders at their homes and delivers them to the transit bus stops, Williams said.


The next transportation issue may not be so easy to solve …

QUESTION: Can't something be done for the senior citizens who have to walk a long distance to and from the bus stop to the Social Security office near the corner of Wake Avenue and Fourth Street?

It's close to a mile. I have seen old people walking on walkers to and from the bus stop. Why can't the bus deliver and pick them up at the Social Security office? — Concerned, El Centro.

You can't park a 40-foot bus just anywhere or turn it around on a dime, said Williams. There's not enough room for the county's bus to turn around in the cul de sac near the Social Security building, she said.

This has come up before, said Williams.

There is a meeting tonight to discuss county transportation needs. On the agenda at the 6:30 p.m. meeting will be bus service inside El Centro.

The meeting will be in the Board of Supervisors' chambers in the County Administrative Center, 940 W. Main St.

Williams said a proposal calls for a shorter bus that would take people to hospitals, shopping areas and to government services within the city of El Centro.

That shorter bus could turn around in a cul de sac making it possible to deliver riders right to Social Security. (And, by the way, the distance from Fourth and Wake to the Social Security building is a good walk but well under a mile.)

The bus also would deliver riders to county bus stops so they could go to other cities.

The service may not be available for a year if it is approved.

QUESTION: Last week at an El Centro school, I saw teachers wearing politician-style buttons with nothing on them but a picture of an apple core. What was that all about? — Parent, El Centro

El Centro teachers are locked in wage negotiation with the El Centro Elementary School District. We think the teachers are saying they get no respect.

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