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Voice: Alatorre still can't be unbiased on Housing Authority matters

March 21, 2001

On March 6, Mayor Javier Alatorre showed again he couldn't be an impartial party when it comes to making a decision regarding the Calexico Housing Authority.

Not only was Mr. Alatorre the lone dissenting vote in a 4-1 decision to have a public hearing to discuss the future of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing Authority, but also Mr. Alatorre came out publicly again stating that there has been no proof of negligence by the board members.

Mr. Alatorre, how can you say there is nothing wrong at the Calexico Housing Authority when you personally as well as other city councilmen and city staff were present when you had a telephone conversation with Mr. Bob Cook, executive director of Los Angeles Housing and Urban Development? We ask you how can you say the Board of Commissioners has not been negligent as to the decisions taken for the past months? As we have stated to you in previous meetings, the 5-H program is only one of the many neglected programs in which the authority has failed to follow procedure.


If you would have only bothered to read the packet of information provided to you as well as to each other Calexico City Council members prior to the March 6 meeting, you wouldn't have made the statement you did in this newspaper. The packet provided not only included evidence of neglect on the 5-H program but letters from Housing Authority residents complaining about different issues as well as evidence of neglect with the Calexico Residents Council. The evidence presented included a three-month report on all of the deficiencies of the executive director of the Housing Authority.

How can anyone in our community trust you to make a unbiased decision when it comes to any issue relating to the Calexico Housing Authority?

We trusted you and again you have failed us. We gave you a second opportunity to show us your professionalism and your unbiased behavior when it comes to dealing with Housing Authority issues. Once again we remind you of your responsibility when you decided to take the oath for mayor and City Council of Calexico.

Now we ask you publicly to abstain from voting in any issue regarding the Calexico Housing Authority at the City Council meetings. Your inability to be impartial and to not show favoritism before serving your community only proves you only serve special interest groups in our community.

I thank Mr. Carrillo, Mr. Grijalva, Mr. Montoya and Mr. Renison for allowing our community to speak and especially for allowing the minority to show the rest of the community "Que si se puede."



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