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PROBE: March 23, 2001

March 23, 2001

QUESTION: Last weekend we came back to the Valley from San Diego for a wedding. I reserved a room with two beds at the Barbara Worth Golf Resort.

We arrived about 4 p.m. for the 5 p.m. wedding and discovered our reserved room had only one bed instead of the two we requested.

We arranged to change to another room. The new room was some distance from the first room but it had two beds.

It smelled of beer and cigarettes and the beds were unmade. I complained. By now it was 4:30 p.m.

We loaded up our stuff and moved again to a clean room — with only one bed.

With only 15 minutes until the wedding, we decided to get ready and swap rooms again later.

While we were showering, the water in the tub got deeper and deeper. The drain was plugged.

After the wedding I negotiated another change. With a new room key, we lugged our stuff to the room. It was the room we had in the beginning.


Another trek to the office, where Patrick Adams, one of the owners, apologized profusely and again changed our room.

Promising to make it up to us, he gave us a voucher for a free breakfast and said we would be charged the corporate rate for our room.

When I paid the bill the next morning, the young woman at the desk gave me a bill for $76, down from $80.

"You're giving me only $4 off?" I complained.

She cut the bill to $74.

"That's the corporate rate?" I asked.

She said she would check. While she was gone, another resort employee approached me.

"They want you to leave. Don't pay your bill. There's no charge. Just leave and don't come back," he said.

Why can't I come back? What will my girlfriend's family think if we're banned from the country club? — Evicted, San Diego

Stop complaining. You made out like a bandit with a free breakfast and a free room with two queen-size beds.

Don't fret, we went to a higher power.

Bill Adams, the patriarch of the Adams family that owns the Barbara Worth, said you experienced "a comedy of errors." That's one of those situations where the more you fix it, the worse it gets.

Of course, you can come back, Bill Adams said.

"I can't believe anybody here told a guest not to come back," he said.

He promised if you do return, nobody will be impolite or ask you to leave.

Our advice is don't go back for a week or two.

PLAYBOY UPDATE — We must confess our disappointment in Art Arias, manager of all the USA and Big John stores in Imperial County, was misplaced.

Arias was at the Big John store at Ross and Imperial avenues in El Centro when we talked to him. The Playboy magazines at that store are carefully wrapped so the covers can't be seen.

Our PROBE reader spotted the Playboy with the bared cover at the USA station on North Imperial Avenue, the one near Pep Boys.

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