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Voice: No getting through biblically saturated heads

March 23, 2001

Here we go again with the explanations and the "facts" from the Bible that gays/lesbians are "sinners."

This is probably the last time I'm going to try to defend these minorities in our society, who are here to stay. It is pointless of me and others to put it through their "biblically saturated" heads that gays/lesbians are born like that. A small portion who have nothing better to do in life may experiment at being gay.

Here's how my conversation with an ultra-religious right person might go:

Me — "I have a friend who fought in the Gulf War. He is gay, you know?"

U — "Oh! He is lucky to survive but he is a sinner. He will die in hell!"

Me — "In L.A. I knew a lesbian ICU nurse who worked over 12 hours a days taking care of her patients so sincerely!"

U — "Well … according to the Bible she is a sinner so she will go to hell!"


Then we have gay doctors, policemen, etc., doing all these noble things for society. But per your Bible they are sinners and are going right to hell once they catch AIDS. Not all die of AIDS. Most gays who practice promiscuity (just like some heterosexuals) without proper protection are getting AIDS. By now I hope you know it's no more a gay disease.

I got some laughably fascinating "facts" from my patient's young Hispanic care-giver in my clinic last week. This is what she has to say about Disney.

"Disney is run by bunch of gays and lesbians. They have made a pact with the devil to poison the minds of the youngsters with their pornographic caricatures."

"I destroyed all my child's Disney toys and dolls. I did not want to throw it in the garbage. Then what if some other child might pick it up? And do you know you can't even mention word Jesus Cristo inside Disneyland. They might throw you out!"

This she got it from a video shown by her pastor. The only reason Catholics want to ban Disney is because they give benefits to same sex partners and have produced movies that have offended the church.

I guess you have that right to deny the dream of almost every child to just have fun at Disneyland or Epcot Center just because Disney believes gays are humans, too. We need more young people like the one who had the guts to write against a powerful church.

To that gentleman who explained that man and woman who "own each others bodies" need to reproduce; well, you never have to worry about a decrease in procreation. We have seen an explosion of world population and thanks to some church-owned hospitals in this country — as per the "60 Minutes" story — who denied a mother on welfare with nine kids from having any more kids by surgically cutting off her tubes … Do you see how ridiculous it gets?


El Centro

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