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Voice: People who drown in All-American ‘advertise' its danger

March 23, 2001

The All-American Canal is a "stop sign" (thanks, Christine, for pointing that out) and should be acknowledged as such and its lawful purpose enforced.

People who can legally enter this country are required, in most circumstances, to do so through the ports of entry. Those who try to enter illegally, and choose to cross the canal, do so at their own peril.

People who drown in the canal are casualties of their free will. They choose to break a law that would otherwise protect them and thereby put themselves at risk.

Reality operates on the principle of cause and effect. The people who enter into water that is over their head and can't swim "advertise" reality by drowning.


As to the question of who's a fool, I will defer to reality's judgment. It's the only one that counts.

In the context of the facts as to how and why these deaths occur, there is no rational justification to festoon the-All American Canal with "lifesaving ropes" to aid and abet lawbreakers. If the same people were breaking traffic laws, recklessly killing themselves in the process and disregarding the rights and safety of citizens, would it be a "marvelous pursuit" to build them a freeway?

Just as Madison Avenue urged smokers back in the 1960s, "the committee" needs to persuade non-swimmers today to "… walk an extra mile for a Camel."



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