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Voice Why are Christians so concerned with others' sex lives?

March 24, 2001

Here we go again with the Christians coming out of the woodwork getting us all straightened out about homosexuality.

Two subjects Christians really like are adultery (few are attractive enough to be tempted) and homosexuality (few have to deal with the reality of it).

If we hear one more time the old self-righteous saw about how God loves the sinner and hates the sin, we may have to go to the bathroom and throw up.

And is there anything more obnoxious than the sight of fat-faced doesn't-he-know-gluttony-is-a-sin Jerry Falwell spewing out his hatred of gays and homosexuals and Bill and Hillary and every other Democrat who ever lived? He gives new meaning to the word hypocrite. Personally, I'd rather be in just about any other person's shoes than his on the day of reckoning.


From my own experience, when some "Christians" tell me they are going to pray for me, I think maybe it's time to get out of town.

It has been my good fortune and unexpected pleasure to come in contact with quite a few gays in the last few years. The ones I have met, without exception, have been intelligent, kind, caring, dependable, responsible and God-loving. I have found them to be high-minded, have excellent jobs, own their own homes, have money in the bank, drive nice cars and wear nice clothes. They stick together, live together, function in their own communities, mind their own business, contribute much to society and live good lives. They believe in God, go to church (if they can find one that will have them) pray and spend a lot of time pursuing spiritual enlightenment. Contrary to the belief of the ignorant, they do not prey on children, teen-agers or the innocent.

Isn't it interesting how many people there are who are so interested in other peoples' sex lives? I wonder why that is. It's too bad two people of the same sex, even if they're just friends, can't even share a house together anymore without the whispers going around that maybe they're having some kind of sex together.

We must be nuts in this country. What is this insanity that has taken us over, that if we use the right toothpaste, chew the right gum, drive the right car, we are somehow being "more sexy"?

My own personal opinion is that we should all go into our own bedrooms, gently shut and lock the door (so the kids can't get in), have whatever kind of sex we damn well please with whomever we damn well please (spouses and committed partners preferred) and let everyone else mind their own damn business.

There are a lot worse sins than having sex. Believe me — God can and will sort it all out without any help from any of us.


El Centro

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