Calexico's regional growth plan would coordinate infrastructure with new projects

March 26, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — City officials here are working on a regional growth plan that would serve as a guideline for developers who want to start projects in Calexico, according to City Manager Rich Inman.

He said he will work with the city planning, building and public works commissions this week to create a plan that is proactive instead of reactive.

"As it stands right now developers are in a quandary about what the city wants, needs and expects," Inman said this morning.

The plan he is working on would spell out exactly what type of projects the city wants and needs so developers could design projects that work within that vision.


As it stands, a developer presents a building or public works project to the city Planning Commission. If the commission approves the project, the City Council decides whether to allow the project to go forward.

This way of doing things is reactive, Inman said.

Instead of a developer presenting a project to the city, Inman would like to "design a plan by which the city defines what kind of facilities we want and where we want them."

The plan he is working on would coordinate infrastructure such as parks, roads, schools and medical services with any new building project to avoid growth issues that have plagued other cities.

The proposal for the regional growth plan will be presented to the City Council at its April 3 meeting, Inman said.

This will allow the council to make revisions and add input before the plan is complete.

"At this juncture in the city's growth it is time to plan effectively for the kind of city whose quality-of-life is attractive to residents, prospective residents and the business community for years to come," Inman said. "There is no greater legacy."

David Coup of the Calexico-based Coup/Smith/Diaz architect firm supports Inman's efforts.

"It has not always been the case in Calexico that there is a unified and well-coordinated effort from both staff and the City Council when working with developers," Coup said this morning.

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