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Water line replacement job awarded

March 27, 2001|By DORA DEPAOLI, Staff Writer

HOLTVILLE — The City Council here awarded the Ninth Street water line replacement contract to Floyd Nelson Jr. & Sons.

The $329,000 project is slated to be completed by the end of June. The antiquated 6-inch line is being replaced with a 12-inch line.

Floyd Nelson Jr. & Sons of Holtville is familiar with the city's water line needs. In 1999 the company won the bidding to replace the Fifth Street water main. The nearly one-mile project ran from Grape to Olive Avenue and cost $665,000.

City Public Works Director Jerry Peacher said at least 10 companies were invited to bid on the Ninth Street project. Representatives of four companies attended the pre-bid meeting and three of those submitted bids.


City Engineer Jack Holt of The Holt Group said the Nelson bid was a "good number," within $3,000 of what he figured the project would cost.

With the proposed installation of a 12-inch water line there has been talk about future annexations north and northwest of the city. Planning Commission chairman Pete Mellinger reported he had been in contact with Jurg Heuberger of the county planning office in that regard.

According to Mellinger, the annexation would go through if 75 percent of property owners in a proposed annexation area favor it. Mellinger said he has received assenting responses from residents he has talked to in the proposed annexation area north of Ninth Street between Melon Road and Olive Avenue.

One of the benefits to property owners, who already have city services, would be reduced water costs. At present all outside-the-city residents receiving city water pay double the going rate. Mellinger added that annexation costs would be minimal when several property owners request annexation at the same time.

In the event of annexation the 12-inch water line would be extended from Ninth Street and Melon Road to Thiesen Road, from Thiesen east to Olive Avenue, and from Olive south to Ninth Street, forming a loop. An inadequate 2-inch water line serves people in the 900 block of Olive. An immediate benefit would be increased water pressure.

Talk of annexation took up much of the meeting. Mellinger gave his views on the benefits of annexing 92 acres of Imperial Irrigation District-owned property on either side of the Alamo River, from the railroad bridge on Evan Hewes Highway northwest to Alamo Road

Mellinger suggested creating nature trails along the river as well as a soccer or softball field south of the Smith subdivision at the south end of Tamarack and Palo Verde Avenue. He noted the property in the area around the river area is "not suitable" for housing because it is on a flood plain.

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