Voice: Viva la luz!

March 27, 2001

The Big Boys still own the system. With help from their "good buddies," they are in the process of "obliterating the Law of the River" and "sending the Bureau of Reclamation, as the rivermaster, on a 20-year paid vacation" (effectively dismantling the Part 417 process for managing Colorado River water).

The Big Boys have apparently provided "bowls of porridge" to the natives, for they are no longer restless. And it's the Big Boys' inmates who are running the asylum through the following process:

(1) Schemes of the Big Boys

(2) Agendas of Imperial Irrigation District board

(3) Orders from the board

(4) Obedient actions from staff and consultants

Examples of these orders include:

— The "historical use of water by gate" constitutes the baseline for describing wet water.

— Twelve-hour runs conserve water.

The ag power consumers shall be called the "general wholesale class."


The IID board, via the Water Conservation Advisory Board, has no plans for transferring water. Even U.S. Filter complained about it. With the absence of plans, the landowners/growers can do whatever they want, and including crop rotation and fallowing as well as "growing a crop using less water."

The needed plans include:

(1) Regular water-conservation plans to establish the baseline.

(2) Extraordinary water-conservation plans (to generate wet water for transfer).

(3) Plans to manage IID's entitlement.

Grower participation should be based on water-conservation plans and not vice versa. If all the bits and pieces of grower participation ideas were put together, it wouldn't make a plan. The "plan apparent" held by IID to manage its entitlement incudes:

(1) Allocate water to the gate wherein the landowners own the water rights.

(2) Using the landowner's water as the basic for decreasing or increasing the amount of water which would be available to each landowner (based on their block of water).

If the landowners own the water rights, they can be sold, as they were in Owens Valley (Bill DuBois: Water allocated to the gate belongs to the landowner.) Imperial Valley is being set up to become another Owens Valley.

Notwithstanding, Luz declared:

Imperial Valley shall become a greater and greater community.

Viva la luz!


El Centro

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