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Our Opinion: A good way to open doors

March 28, 2001

Imperial Valley College plays an important role in the Valley on many different levels.

One role it has taken on over the years is hosting Disability Awareness Day, an event meant to be both fun for young people and an eye-opener that a college education is possible regardless of whether a person has a disability.

For 25 years IVC has staged the event that has become an important tradition for Imperial Valley young people. IVC brings in professional people who have made it big in their fields, not allowing whatever disability they have to stop them. This year the college brought in comedian David Roche and extreme athlete Mark Wellman.

Disabled and special education students from throughout the Imperial Valley are invited to the college to take part in a day of entertainment, food and education. They get to learn about the services IVC has to offer in their pursuit of a higher education.


IVC has a strong disabled student services department staffed with people willing to provide whatever help they can to students in need. The message offered by disabled student services is simple — it is possible to obtain a higher education, to pursue dreams, if you are willing to try to use all available resources.

That's an important message. Here in the Imperial Valley we are fairly isolated from metropolitan areas where there likely are more services for those with disabilities. It would be easy for those who feel alone, or think that there are no resources in the Valley, to give up. That would be a mistake, for while we are isolated there are a number of programs to help the disabled succeed in reaching whatever goals they have for themselves.

We urge anyone interested to contact IVC to find out what services are available at the college. We think you will be surprised at what is offered and the quality of service.

But it does take that first step. If you or your child missed Disability Awareness Day, go visit the college. Talk to the staff. Talk to disabled students who are succeeding at IVC.

It's worth it. There are so many doors that could open once you take that first step.

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