Probe: March 29, 2001

March 29, 2001

SAY IT WASN'T ME! — I am Norma Saikhon's first husband, Hector. Please tell your readers it wasn't me who wrote to PROBE.

When the issue of Norma's name came out in PROBE, my phone rang off the hook. I got about 100 calls.

I went to a meeting and everybody there wanted to talk about it. I ran into Norma's present husband, Dick Fragale. He said he wrote you a letter.

I was married to Norma for 20 years but we have been divorced for 18 years. We share a child and we get along fine. I don't mind if she continues to use my name whatever her reasons are. — Norma's Ex, El Centro


We don't know who sent the letter but we doubt if it was you. Hector Saikhon is the brother of the late Mario Saikhon. Norma Saikhon is the county public administrator.

Frankly, we think somebody may be trying to make Norma's failure to drop the Saikhon name into a political issue.

After reading the column, Fragale wrote us a letter. He faxed it to us.

THANKS FOR KUDOS — Thanks for the kudos to Norma in PROBE on Monday. She deserves them.

Tell that curious person in Holtville that I didn't know that taking a husband's name was the most important element in marriage.

I thought that love, respect and trust were the important qualities. — Norma's Husband, El Centro

That's marriage. Politics is a different matter.

Hanging onto a prior name and launching a political career are symptoms of independence. Some people dislike independent women. Ask Hillary Clinton.

In any case, the couple have been married 10 years despite at times pursuing separate careers several hundred miles apart. Maybe commuting makes the heart grow fonder.

A LEG SPASM — Can you help me? Just after 5 p.m., March 17 I was unloading packages from my car when I got a leg spasm and fell in front of my house in the 1200 block of Aurora. I must have hit my head.

I remember seeing a man's face as he bent over me asking if I could see his two fingers. I heard a woman say, "I called 911."

They knocked on my door and told my husband, Dr. Benjamin Lehr, that I was lying outside and that they had called 911.

When the paramedics came, my rescuers just slipped away. The paramedics never saw them.

Could you ask your PROBE readers to help me find the couple who stopped to help a woman who had fallen outside her home? — Stricken, El Centro

This just goes to show that even a doctor's wife may need a good Samaritan or two to call the paramedics.

OK, readers, if you know these good Samaritans, call Ninfa Lehr at 353-4719. We warned her she may get more than a call or two.

"That's OK," she said, "We're used to calls."

Mrs. Lehr said she had several back surgeries but after 10 years her leg "started acting up."

In her last surgery, the surgeon found a "nerve entrapment." He fixed it.

"I felt great. I lost 42 pounds, started walking three miles a day. And then the other leg started acting up," said Mrs. Lehr. "I thought I was doing too much."

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