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Voice: IID board setting up an ‘attractive nuisance' lawyers will love

March 29, 2001

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors is setting up our water users for millions of dollars of lawsuits.

As it stands now, the lifelines across the All-American Canal will be installed in the near future. Mr. Allen was the only director to vote no; he is to be commended. The main reason the other four directors voted for the lifelines was to be politically correct with their Hispanic constituents. If you talk to them, they will tell you they do not want the lifelines because of the liability issue.

Mr. Hunter will be able to get insurance, even if it costs $250,000 for the first year. He will find some source. Then, once the lifelines are in place, Mr. Hunter will never again have to gather money for insurance. The IID will be put in a corner, and Mr. Hunter knows it.

No one wants to see anyone die in the canal. But the United States of America, as it stands today, has laws that make it illegal to enter our country without going through a port of entry.


These illegal aliens need to be treated with respect, but they are breaking our laws.

What are we to do? The lifelines will only encourage more illegals to attempt to cross the canal. The first time one of the lifelines does not perform as advertised, here comes the attorneys. I believe the insurance companies call it an "attractive nuisance." And with the lifelines, it will become more than that.

Directors, wake up now, before it's too late.


El Centro

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