Probe: March 30, 2001

March 30, 2001

QUESTION: I am a county employee. Some of the bargaining units have already settled their contract issues with the county. We have not settled. Since we have not settled, we have not given up our paid holiday for Cesar Chavez's birthday, so we should get today off, right? — Holiday Mood, El Centro

Wrong. You may get your own birthday as a paid holiday but Chavez's birthday is not even on the negotiating table. That's what we heard when we polled our county government sources.

The question may even be moot since by the time you read this, you will know you didn't get the day off.

It's a state holiday for state employees but so far the county has not adopted it. When the state approved the holiday, it left it up to each of the 58 counties to decide if they will adopt it, according to county Supervisor Wally Leimgruber.


If the county decides to include the Chavez birthday in its list of paid holidays, it will be a "meet and confer" issue, said Leimgruber.

That means you will probably get it someday, but expect to give up something, like a piece of a requested raise or maybe a trade for your personal birthday.

For now, you're stuck with knowing that state employees will be enjoying a three-day weekend to observe the birthday of the farm labor leader while you remain at your post.

QUESTION: I found a key ring with seven keys on it on Worthington Road between Dogwood and the city of Imperial.

I found the keys on the south side of the road. On the north side there was a crew harvesting asparagus.

If anybody lost their keys I may have them. My phone number is 355-1411. — Key-holder, Imperial

OK, if you lost your keys on Worthington Road, give the above gentleman a call.

MISPLACED SIGNATURE — When I divorced my husband, we served him with the divorce papers and he signed them — twice.

He signed in the spot where he was supposed to sign and again on the line where my attorney was supposed to sign.

My attorney was moving to Riverside County so he didn't catch the mistake. The judge did.

Before my divorce becomes final, my attorney, Michael Juarez, must resubmit the paper with his signature. I can't find him. I thought maybe a PROBE reader could locate him for me. — Still Attached, El Centro

With any luck, Mr. Juarez will have family in the Valley who can either call us at 337-3439 or family who can tell the attorney to call us.

A POUND OF BEADS — I went through my handicraft stuff to find materials for the adult day-care center. I found a sack full of beads. What do I do with them? — Donor, Brawley

Call Liz at 337-8393 or Liz can call you at 344-7354. Remember, the caretakers need all kinds of craft stuff such as buttons, scraps of leather or fabric, ribbons, almost anything that can be used in art projects.

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