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Voice: Guns, gangs and growing up

March 30, 2001

Until parents take on the responsibility of teaching their children about responsibility and the proper handling of firearms, there will always be trouble with kids and guns. The violence on TV doesn't help but parents can be more selective of what the kids watch.

I know how hard it is nowadays with both parents working. Kids don't get the attention they need. They start out at day-care then go to pre-school then regular school, from one person to the other for the first six years of their lives. They see their parents in the evenings and at night.

Something is wrong here. Kids need stability to grow and mature and part-time parents simply don't cut it. So kids turn to gangs. They need to feel they belong somewhere and it's a sorry story but they feel connected in a gang. If they can't get that feeling at home they'll go elsewhere.


Parents need to learn that possessions don't take the place of a parents' love and interest in what their kids are doing. There are so many programs that include mom and dad and the kids. Take an extra day off once in awhile. There is always something to do as a family. You might have to get along with a little less spending money but in the long run it will pay off.

When we were growing up a family got by on what the father earned. Mom was always home. No TV, radio maybe, but there was plenty to do to keep entertained. We read a lot, learned to sew and cook and helped with the younger kids. Saturday was special: we went to the movie, where good guys always wore white hats the bad guy wore black.

Where have those times gone? Whoever said that money was the root of all evil spoke the truth, only nowadays people seem to need a lot more money than they do family togetherness. They simply have to keep up with the Joneses. Wrong target.



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