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Census: county grew by 30 percent

March 30, 2001|By RUDY YNIGUEZ, Staff Writer

Census information for 2000 shows the county's population grew by 30 percent to 142,361 from 109,303 in 1990 and 92,110 in 1980.

Every city in Imperial County gained in population.

Hispanics make up the lion's share of the county's 2000 population count and of every incorporated city, with 98,899, or 69.5 percent of the total population. In 2000 there were 28,728 whites, 5,624 blacks, 1,734 American Indians, 2,446 Asians, 75 Pacific Islanders and 97 listed as others.

Information for the county in 1990 shows 73,615 whites, 71,935 Hispanics, 2,622 black, 1,859 American Indian, 2,135 Asian and 29,072 so-called others. The white numbers in 1990 included Hispanics.

According to census data as compiled by The Associated Press, the county's diversity has steadily decreased when compared to the state's other 57 counties. For the 2000 census the county shows a diversity of 60.3 percent, or 25th in the state. In 1990, the county's diversity was shown as 53.6 percent, and ranked 16th, while in 1980 the county's diversity was 61.9 percent and the county ranked third.


Populations of the seven incorporated cities are:

· Brawley, 22,050 total, with 16,280 Hispanic, 4,780 white non-Hispanic, 464 black, 90 American Indian, 211 Asians, 24 Pacific Islanders and 10 so-called others.

· Calexico, 27,109 total, with 25,832 Hispanic, 642 white non-Hispanic, 37 blacks, 55 American Indian, 452 Asians, two Pacific Islanders and seven other.

· Calipatria, 7,289 total, with 4,180 Hispanic, 1,450 white non-Hispanic, 1,531 black, 36 American Indian, 40 Asians, one Pacific Islander and two other.

· El Centro, 37,835 total, with 28,219 Hispanic, 6,837 white non-Hispanic, 1,042 black, 107 American Indian, 1,208 Asians, 24 Pacific Islanders and 56 other.

· Holtville, 5,612 total, with 4,144 Hispanic, 1,349 white non-Hispanic, 23 black, 20 American Indian, 24 Asians, two Pacific Islanders and four other.

· Imperial, 7,560 total, 4,619 Hispanic, 2,447 white non-Hispanic, 181 black, 37 American Indian, 173 Asian, eight Pacific Islander and one so-called other.

· Westmorland, 2,131 total, 1,752 Hispanic, 379 white non-Hispanic, 379 American Indian, 12 black, seven American Indians, and no Asians, Pacific Islanders or others.

Some city leaders had hoped for increased populations.

El Centro Mayor Pro Tem Larry Grogan said had the city's population reached 50,000, there would become available certain other funding sources.

Brawley Mayor Wayne Johnson said he was surprised the city did not reach 25,000.

Calexico City Councilman Gilbert Grijalva said he thought the city would have reached a population of 30,000-31,000.

"We have had 600 to 800 homes built. I would thought that would have been reflected in the numbers," he said.

Staff Writer Rudy Yniguez can be reached at 337-3440. Staff Writer Darren Simon and Jessica Rocha of Medill News Service contributed to this article.

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