April 2, 2001 PROBE

April 02, 2001

QUESTION: What's happening with the campaign to get a sports gallery at the Pioneers' Museum? If they go forward with this project, I would like to help in my small way. How much would it cost? — Old Athlete, Calexico

Lynn Housouer, museum operations manager, said the initial cost would be $12,000 for a "half gallery" or $24,000 for a full gallery.

Holtville produce man Bob Andrews has met with most people on the Imperial County Historical Society board of directors, said Housouer.

Andrews said he wants to gauge the interest in the project. If you really want to help, let him know. Call him at 356-2899 or at his Los Angeles office at (323) 933-2727.


Raising money for space at the museum is just the start. The next step would be to collect the memorabilia.

That should be easy. Athletes or their families must have boxes of mementos. Imperial County has spawned a lot of sports figures who have left their mark on the national scene.

Housouer said Andrews is already collecting things to exhibit.

Lots of volunteers will be needed. Help will be needed to put up and take down displays as they are rotated to keep the exhibit from going stale.

Somebody will have to keep track of everything. Volunteers may not be a problem. An army of volunteers works at the museum as diligently as if they were getting paid.

Over the years we've written about dozens of sports stars no longer on the scene, so many that we can no longer remember them all.

We're afraid some will have been forgotten when they put the gallery together. That's why we are asking PROBE readers to remind us again of the old stars. Call us at 337-3448 on our PROBE. Leave your phone number.

Updates — We have a phone number for the attorney who failed to sign the application for a PROBE reader's divorce.

If that reader will contact us (or leave a phone number on our voice mail), we will pass on the legal eagle's phone number.

We may have some good news for Mr. and Mrs. Anias, who made monthly payments on a Salton City lot for three years before learning the mortgage had not been recorded. Call us and leave a phone number.

QUESTION: I adopted a dog from Lulu Belle's Memorial Animal Haven about a year ago. He was sickly, nothing but bones. He is healthy now with a personality like no other dog. I adore him.

A few weeks ago he started barking at birds as they flew in and out of the yard and he started digging in the yard.

Today a neighbor left a note on my door telling me to make my dog stop barking. The barking has been annoying me also.

He is a member of the family and I can't bear to take him back to the shelter. His only bad habits (besides running around with my shoes in his mouth) is digging and barking at birds. I don't want to keep him indoors.

I have read about gadgets to stop behavioral problems. Before I buy anything, I was wondering if PROBE readers have any ideas or tips that have worked for them. — Dog Owner, Imperial County

Your dog may be bored. Give him more attention. But maybe our readers have better ideas.

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