Thank You: The people are the reason to live in the Imperial Valley

April 02, 2001

Some folks wonder why we live in Imperial County with its unpleasantness in the summer, economy and other negatives we hear about all too often. I now why I live here.

The local Rotary clubs annually sponsor selected high school junior students to participate in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference at Idyllwild. This year the conference was March 23-25. Volunteers from each Rotary Club organize and select the students to participate. This is a commitment they make to their clubs. We expect this of Rotarians.

One of the most difficult problems we face with this project is transporting these students to and from the camp. Those of us involved with this part of the program have struggled to find a solution over the years. We have not had a good solution to the problem until this year. Larry Allen of Del Norte Chevrolet heard of our dilemma and donated the use of three vans to get the kids to camp and back.


Secondly, those of us who take the kids the last few years have been hosted on the mountain over that weekend by Bob DeVoy at the family retreat in Idyllwild. Sadly, we lost Bob this year. However, his family made a point to inform us, even in their sad time of losing husband and father, that we were expected to use the Idyllwild home for the RYLA weekend. All of us were touched by the graciousness of the DeVoy family.

Thank you seems inadequate when you have the kind of people who see a need, respond to it and make it go away. We do thank all those involved in providing this experience for our youngsters. Rotarians Pat Pace, Eric Rice, John Marshall, Frank Riddle, Bill Sechrist, Cliff Caldwell, Bill Hosler and Otto Low, though not a Rotarian, make the project work at the club level and are special.

Mostly we thank those who step beyond the expected and fill a void that makes them very special. Sally DeVoy and her family, Larry Allen and his commitment to our community are two of these very special people.

If any one ever asks why you live in Imperial County, the answer always involves special people. We have them in abundance.


Area coordinator

Rotary Youth Leadership

Awards Conference

El Centro Rotary Club

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