Probe: Tuesday, April 3, 2001

April 03, 2001

QUESTION: We bought a Salton City lot from Eldorado Properties three years ago. We've been making our payments faithfully to the West Star mortgage company.

However, when we didn't get an acknowledgment when we paid our tax bill, we went to the county Recorder's Office. When the clerk checked the records, she found it had been sold to another owner.

We went back to the seller and he gave us another lot. Now suspicious, we checked the county again and found it too had been sold to somebody else. Please help us! — Buyers, Salton City

Your property was never mortgaged, nor did it go through escrow. West Star is a property-management company employed by Eldorado Properties, according to a West Star agent, Kim Taylor.


Apparently Eldorado "carried" your loan.

You knew your lot was not going through escrow. The advantage, you said, was you didn't have to pay escrow fees. The disadvantage was you didn't get title insurance.

Title insurance companies check records to make sure you get a clear title to your property.

Mr. Houston, who identified himself as the owner of Eldorado Properties, promised to give you a deed to your lot.

Keep us posted on the status of the deal.

NINFA'S RESCUERS — Thank you! The same day it came out in PROBE that I wanted to find the couple who found me lying in my driveway, they called me.

They said they were driving down my street. When they saw me in the driveway, they made a U-turn and came back.

They had no idea I was Dr. Lehr's wife. I wanted to do something for them. We are all going out to dinner.

You were right that I would get a lot of phone calls if you put my number in PROBE.

All my friends called to see if I was OK. I love it! — Getting Better, El Centro

Thank you. Hearing stories like yours soothes us like a cup of hot chocolate. We feel safer in a world with good people in it.

Our regular readers know Mrs. Lehr fell when she suffered a leg spasm. A kindly couple called 911 on their cell phone and left when the paramedics arrived.

QUESTION: A nice female puppy was hit Thursday morning on the C Street side of Barbara Worth Junior High School.

She wasn't wearing any tags, so we called animal control. The dog is at the Brawley Animal Clinic, where she's doing fine.

Call Dr. Elizabeth Clark or the Brawley animal control officer.

The puppy is a mixed breed with a bobbed tail. If this is your dog, please claim her. She should not be "put down."

We think she followed a child to school. This happens a lot. If a dog without tags follows the child onto the campus, we have to call the pound. — School Employee, Brawley

That's why your dog should always wear a collar and license tags.

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