Voice: Calexico Chronicle move to Holtville is bad news

April 03, 2001

The community of Calexico lost its historical newspaper the moment the Calexico Chronicle was sold. The historical front- page logo of the traditional mastehead and eagle was changed. The format was later altered. Local news declined and our Calexico Chronicle no longer was the same officially founded by E.J. Overshriner on Aug. 4, 1904.

The city's oldest continuous business has now closed its doors in Calexico and moved to Holtville.

What surprises me is the fact no one has written a letter to the editor expressing the community's shock and sadness at this move. At this writing it doesn't seem as if we can do anything about this, or can we? Is the owner willing to sell? Can our Chamber of Commerce or city officials do something about it?

The city of Calexico will soon celebrate its 93rd year of being a city. The Calexico Chronicle will celebrate its 97th anniversary in Aug. 4, 1904.


Our historical newspaper is part of this city's heritage. It belongs to Calexico and should stay in Calexico. Let's do something about it and get it back home.


Chairperson, Calexico Historical



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