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Voice:What strange force is running the IID?

April 04, 2001

I just saw the Jekyll and Hyde musical. Now I'm wondering, are "alien forces" directing the Imperial Irrigation District board members? Evidence of this includes:

— The majority of the board voting to put lifelines across the All-American Canal.

— The board holding meetings in Coachella Valley.

— The board voting to spent $15,000 to promote economic development in Coachella Valley with the negative ad — "IID's power rates are cheaper than SoCal Edison's."

As far as I know, IID's power supply is "maxed out." And we're in a "keep your fingers crossed" and "pray a lot" period. And that the Calpine power that IID acquired only replaces the El Paso power which IID is losing.

If the IID board is promoting the use of power in Coachella Valley when there is no power to spare, may the people in the Imperial Valley find a punishment that fits their "crime."



El Centro

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