Voice: Downtown merchants versus Wal-Mart is David versus Goliath

April 04, 2001

David, aka Joe Moreno, must be shaking the foundation of Goliath, aka Wal-Mart!

Is Goliath afraid of David telling the truth?

Fact: How many stores has Goliath destroyed?

Example: National Dollar Store, Kress, Woolworth's and Kmart, Vogel's Nursery, etc.

How many families are now on public assistance because of these closures?

Fact: Calexico gave Goliath millions of dollars in infrastructure fees.

Let's remember Goliath when he said buy American, shop at Goliath stores, aka Wal-Mart!

Didn't Goliath get caught for false advertising on its buy American slogan?

I hear they lost their calsones with their "Made in USA" label.

Fact: Goliath also said they had the lowest prices in town. Whatever happened to that slogan?


Did that also go by the wayside, like the "Made in USA" slogan?

Goliath … you have sucked most of the blood of Calexico, but hold the phone, you found a new vein in Calexico and that is the mom and pop stores that Davie is trying to protect … punto!

What is happening to our elected, and remember you are elected, City Council members! Rumors are, and I have only been here tres dias, that council members have been to lunch with Goliath.

Probrecitos, they have been given burritos while their hired guns have been eating filet mignon at the best restaurants in El Centro. He doesn't eat, live, shop or belong to anything in Calexico!

I would ask that you other guys will take a walk downtown and remember how Calexico was before the Goliath blood-sucker came to town!

Let's us hope that other Davids in Calexico will join Joe Moreno.

Viva Calexico, viva the mom and pop stores that are the foundations of America.

Gracias and think about it. Two people that love Calexico wrote this letter.

P.S. Goliath has the ability to cut his own throat!

Example: Sam's Club — what happened to the paid membership? Were they ever reimbursed with their fees or did all those members have to go to Yuma?




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