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Probe: April 6, 2001

April 06, 2001

QUESTION: We live in the country. We had two horses until recently. The horses were in their corrals when two pit bulls attacked one of them.

It was the most gruesome experience. The Imperial County Sheriff's Office, the Imperial Police Department and animal control officers from both the county and the city responded.

A deputy killed one dog at the scene. Then he had to shoot the horse. One dog got away but they captured it and I hope it will be killed.

Lately there have been so many reported pit bull attacks on humans and other animals. What's going on with these dogs? Is it just pit bulls or other dogs as well? — Afraid of Dogs, Imperial


If it will make you feel any better, the second dog was "put to sleep." The dog owner was cited for allowing his dogs to run loose, according to the Imperial Police Department.

The Imperial police report also described a gruesome scene when officers arrived at your place. One dog was "covered" in blood and the horse was mangled. One eye of the horse was all but pulled from its socket.

A veterinarian, a sheriff's deputy and the horse owner agreed the only sensible thing to do was to put the horse out of its misery.

The dog owner said his dogs pushed the bottom of their pen open to get out. However, according to police records, his citation this week was his third. That could be the least of his troubles.

He may get stuck for paying for a horse and veterinarian fees. It could be worse. In San Francisco a couple of lawyers are facing murder charges after their dogs killed their neighbor.

While pit bulls get the most attention, there are increasing numbers of big dogs that have been bred to be vicious.

Why do people want pit bills and other killer dogs? We think owning a big, mean dog is a symptom of anxiety. Anxious people who see the world as a hostile place may want a big dog to protect them.

A RUSSIAN TRANSLATOR — I know Russian. I used it in the military. I would be glad to translate the letter your reader received from a Russian student. — IVC Administrator, Imperial

We think the two of you will like each other. The reader with the letter and her husband have spent three five-week sessions teaching English to Russian students.

"Most of our students write to us in English but this one wrote to us in Russian," she said.

Obviously that student needs another session of English classes.

FOOD FOR LESS — I have a different point of view on the "big box" ordinance in Calexico. Those of us who can barely make ends meet want a Food 4 Less store. — Scraping By, Calexico

What you may be getting is a bigger Wal-Mart on the far side of town. With huge corporations filling every economic niche, there's less room for a small merchant middle class. That's the downside to cheaper everything.

RING-AROUND-ROSIE — I am so happy! I found the "Rosie O'Donnell Show." It's on from noon to 1 p.m. on Channel 6 on cable. — Sara, Brawley

Wow! That Rosie is hyperactive. She says she's giving up her show next year. We think that could depend on the success of her new magazine called Rosie.

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