Voice: Fight the socialist government agencies ruining the Valley

April 06, 2001

During the early part of World War II, when I was about 12 years old, I happened to be visiting my cousins who lived east of El Centro on Highway 80, when to our surprise Gen. George S. Patton Jr. rolled by with three armored division bound for training along the eastern part of Imperial and Riverside counties.

Patton and his troops were going there to train for desert warfare in preparation to fight in North Africa. Many soldiers gave their lives to preserve our God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If Patton had run into this radical bunch then, the EPA-FDA-BLM-the Lower Colorado River Quality Control and the ACLU, he would have been put in jail for training in our desert and perhaps we would be speaking German now instead of English.

Kenneth Holmes, a veteran, stared death in the face many times flying dive bombers in the long Pacific campaign, and now cannot go and enjoy certain areas of the desert and other parts of our country that he and many other veterans fought for. Some didn't come back. One example — the 48,000 acres in the eastern part of our Valley desert, the BLM recently placed off-limits, using the endangered species excuse. How many more acres will the government put off-limits to the public?


The situation is getting so wacky with so many rules and regulations that, little by little, our rights and freedoms are being lost. Lies and half-truths are being forced on us. The way things look now, folks, our water rights will soon be gone or put on the Endangered Species List. And then there is the Metropolitan Water District, who is only waiting to take our water and rob our valley of its existence.

Recently the EPA rewrote the rule book and told us our canal water isn't safe, yet there is not one recorded medical case of any illness attributed to the use of Colorado River water since the founding of our valley. According to the Lower Colorado River Water Quality Control Board, the floor of the Salton Sea is layered with pesticides. This is not so. Now they are telling us our drains must be able to sustain fish, wildlife and swimming. Our drains were dug to carry off the water table excess for increased crop production and not for any other function.

Oh yes, the water board recently slammed us with a new regulation called total maximum daily load of silt allowed in tailwater. In other words, too much silt. As a youngster, I recall the water we received from the Imperial Dam was most of the time brown with silt. The Imperial Irrigation District had maintenance crews working constantly to keep the canal systems operational.

If this regulation is forced on us, farming in our Valley will be history.

We need to draw the line if we care about the future of our valley. Enough is enough. Back our supervisors and our neighbors in Yuma. Contact Duncan Hunter, Dave Kelley and our other representatives and senators. Support the committee being formed to fight these socialists who are trying to oppress our freedoms.


El Centro

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