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Voice: It is time for Klentschy to lead, before the really bad happens

April 07, 2001

Dr. Klentschy gets the whole apple, the new gym and auditorium at Kennedy Middle School (thanks to the parents of Kennedy students) and San Diego and Imperial counties' superintendent award.

I cannot believe how one person can achieve these awards all by himself without the help of the teachers, staff, community and the taxpayers in the El Centro Elementary School District.

The teachers and aides aren't the only ones getting the core or the leftovers. You, the parents and your children, will soon be fighting for a piece of that core or leftovers. Once the core is all gone, the teachers will have to strike. Then what will you, the parents and children, do? Will you send your children to school not knowing how and who will be baby-sitting them or how many will be crammed into one classroom for one person to baby-sit?

How many parents can afford to take time off from their jobs to keep their children home? How many days, weeks can you stand them or miss work? Who will take the time to tutor your child so they can pass the SAT 9 and other district/state tests? What about the money from the state and Gov. Davis for teacher salary increases?


Who has been paying for your cost on medical benefits since October? How much has the district already paid of our taxpayers' money for attorney fees? How much more will it take?

Do Dr. Klentschy and the Board of Trustees with all their awards and apples have the answers to all these questions? If you don't have the answers, Dr. Klentschy, then it's time you and the board start passing out big red apples before the tree runs out of them and the taxpayers get a new apple tree.


El Centro

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