Letters to the sports editor: Knight will be missed, football coaches say

April 07, 2001

There will be a very obvious absence in the Imperial Valley sports world in the future.

Don Knight will no longer inform and entertain us with results, human interest articles or his famous "stories from the past." Don's passing will leave an enormous void in the world of Imperial Valley sports reporting. He loved the youth and sports of this valley but, most of all, had a sincere commitment and love of reporting about both.

Truly a gentleman and pioneer of the Imperial Valley. Don will be deeply missed but always fondly remembered by all of us who's lives he touched and/or wrote about.


President, and the 61 members of the Imperial Valley Football Coaches Association

"Ms. Ilac" carries the youth of

El Centro in her heart

To those who remember "Ms. Ilac," this is for you.

I have moved to Northern California to continue doing what I truly love — working with youth. I am now the recreation coordinator for the city of Watsonville and pretty much have the same duties and responsibilities I had at the Conrad Harrison Youth Center in El Centro for 15 years.


However, I wanted to take the time to say a formal good-bye and thanks to all those who have touched my life in El Centro.

First and foremost, to all my "mijos and mijas" that I have coached or been a counselor/mother/baby-sitter/ for throughout the years (too many to mention), I wish you all the best of luck in your bright future. I hope I positively influence your life in some way, as you have truly touched mine.

To all my co-workers at the El Centro, Seeley and Imperial school districts and the El Centro Recreation Department, thanks for your valuable help and inspiration.

People I have to mention who were influential in helping me grow personally and professionally: Blanca Jimenez, teacher at Sunflower and longtime teacher at McKinley School. Those 10 years being your aide are irreplaceable; Pat Urena, recreation. supervisor for the city of El Centro, thanks for the opportunity to become a recreation professional; Conrad Harrison, retired parks and recreation director, thanks for your continued support to my programs even after your retirement; all the parents and volunteers who helped me run my Nothing But Net basketball league all these years without staff. I could not have done it without you. I am proud to say we built a real tradition with the NBN; current youth center staff, especially Richard Ignacio, who believes in the same philosophy about recreation as I do.

My gratitude goes out to the Central Union High School Spartan Athletic Club, Jesus Rubio, Juan Leal, for their support as I attempted to build a girls basketball dynasty at my alma mater, Central Union. To all the sponsors who helped my traveling team, The Crew, participate in many tournaments in California, and the State Games of America in St. Louis, thanks for your financial support. To the Imperial Valley Press for its great coverage on all my recreation programs, The Crew, and a flattering portrayal of myself in Women of the Imperial Valley — a big thank you!

And last but not least, to all the youth in El Centro, I leave you my heart and take with me many fond memories. My life is richer because of you. May you continue to be active and participate in as many programs as you can.



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