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Voice: Fight military-industrial complex: vote third party

April 07, 2001

Are wars planned? I know a retired Air Force pilot who flew into Okinawa about two weeks after the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan. He saw war material being loaded onto ships. He asked the harbormaster if it was being shipped back home. The harbormaster said half was going to Korea and half to a little place called Vietnam. Funny coincidence? Only if your IQ is in the 50s.

Did you know it was western bankers that financed the various Russian (red, white, blue) armies that battled each other for control of Russia? Did you know that Chase Manhattan Bank had a branch in Moscow since 1928? Had you known that 15 or 20 years ago you may have felt like they were traitors, but the media did not let you in on this secret because the media is also not on your side.

The Red Army won and with money from western banks and governments communism held ground for 70 years and this led to the cold war. Not an accident.


Now we are headed for the same thing with Red China. The Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations have all given military secrets to the Chinese, either directly or indirectly through Israel. We share technology with Israel and they sell it to North Korea or China. We sold Cray super computers to China so they could better target our cities with nuclear missiles.

Of course, who would try to deliver a nuclear bomb via missile when you could send it in a shipping container to its destination on a flatbed truck so much cheaper since their goods enter the U.S. without even an inspection? We have given a Chinese corporation controlled by the Chinese military control of the Panama Canal.

Does this defy logic? Or is this a rerun of what we did to build and support communist Russia in order to give us peons something to worry about and fear and the opportunity for the military industrial complex to "protect" us from the enemy they created. What we really need is protection from the bankers and industrialists. But without good information from the media we vote for the socialist/communists and the rich plutocrats that are sold to us by the media.

Red China wants Taiwan. Will we help Taiwan? No, we will not because this has been decided several years ago. A good standoff will heighten tension and us peons can worry about if our sons will be sent to fight a war in Asia again.

While we worry about that, the government will inflate our currency and tax us more in order to build more helicopters, ships, missiles and satellites to protect us so the profits from this manufacturing will enrich the rich. What a vicious circle we peons travel. If only our memories were a little longer. Vote third party.


El Centro

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